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World Leaders in Industrial Heat Treatment Furnaces and Furnace Manufacturing

We design and supply industrial heat treating furnaces that meet the strict metallurgical properties requirements of industrial manufacturing companies all over the world. Our American fabrication facility is committed to exceeding customer expectations in furnace reliability and performance. We have been manufacturing industrial heat treat systems in the Atlanta area since 1959. This is why CEC is your leading industrial furnace manufacturer.  Talk with our furnace designers today!


Top aerospace manufacturers like Boeing, Gulfstream, GKN, and Lockheed Martin have trusted us to supply their custom industrial heat treating systems for decades. Our experience ranges from 80 foot tall vertical furnaces to traditional drop bottoms that quench 30’ by 30’ products in seconds. Many of the largest furnaces built for the aerospace industry have been supplied by CEC, and are still in use decades later.

Aluminum Mill Equipment

CEC has unmatched experience in heat treatment systems for the aluminum mill industry. We are an industrial furnace supplier to most major aluminum manufacturing companies including Alcoa, Arconic, Aleris, Kaiser, and Nemak. We regularly build furnaces for extrusions, coil, wire, and rolling mills. As an industrial furnace manufacturer, our furnaces are designed to exceed customer expectations in durability, temperature uniformity, and quality.


CEC builds heat treating systems for Nemak, BMW, GM, Tesla, Vokswagen, Ford, Mercedes, and many other automotive leaders. Our innovations in 3-in-1® heat treating and Cleancast® set us apart as industry leaders in this area. We believe we have more miles of roller hearths installed around the world than any other company. Each year, our industrial furnaces process over 57 million head, block, and wheel castings.


By listening to our customers and focusing on continuous improvement, CEC delivers systems that cut costs and exceed customer expectations. We build systems for many market leaders and are proud to count Scott Forge, Saint Jean Industries, and KAAP among our customers. With broad experience in aluminum, titanium and steel forgings, CEC Engineers bring decades of experience to these systems.
CEC machines process over
Head, Block, and Wheel castings every year.

CleanCast and HPDC

Our CleanCast machines offer clean Foundries, highest quality and lowest part cost for low or high pressure castings.



CEC has provided some of the most sophisticated control panels and PLC programs for machine operation available in heavy industrial equipment. Every piece of these systems is available from the CEC part service center. So when your business need is controlling the flow of electricity or data safely and effectively let CEC services help you.

gas and air components

Gas and Air Components

CEC knows what components to provide to allow safe and efficient handling of gas, air and hydraulics. Our experience in meeting NFPA 86, IRI, DIN, CE and FM requirements is long-standing. Below is a partial list of products that CEC often stocks and offers for getting you back in production.

Quenching and Automation

Quenching and Automation

Since 1959 CEC has improved manufacturing automation by making factory layouts and product transfers more efficient and effective in the allotted space. This singular focus by our application engineers has resulted in huge cost savings to our customers in forging, foundry, rolling and extrusion mills worldwide.

industrial fan


CEC engineers employ the latest versions of Dassault-SolidWorks computational fluid dynamic (CFD) software. This high end software along with CEC’s product development center and years of testing experience allow us to predict closely what fan flow and pressure is required. Typically a fan design already exists, but sometimes a new fan design is required. Once the fan is designed and built CEC will test the fans’ flow and pressure and generate a fan curve with resultant horsepowers.

processing equipment


The heading “Processing Equipment” covers many areas of machinery including: process automation design, robotics, grippers, quench units and conveyance. As an example; CEC rebuilds our customers’ old quench tanks and elevators on a regular (10-20 year) basis. This rebuilding allows the implementation of new components, controls and allows safety and efficiency to be reconsidered and assured. CEC has recently re-engineered many of our old quench tanks and agitators to allow new generations of quench sensitive alloys to be processed.

request a spare parts quote

Request Spare
Parts Quote

CEC understands that nothing costs more in production scheduling, quality and effective facilities management than downtime. In light of this, we offer replacement and spare parts for all CEC heat processing equipment. In addition, CEC is often able to provide parts for other manufacturers’ equipment. With our extensive in-house inventory, as well as our relationship with key suppliers, CEC prides itself on quick response and fast turnaround

alloy fabrication

Alloy Fabrication

All alloys are technically impure metals. When referring to alloys, the term “impurities” usually denotes those elements which are not desired. These impurities are often found in the base metals or the solutes, but they may also be introduced during the alloying process.

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Some sensors are engineered for CEC and made for our specific use or labeling, some sensors are generic and may be locally available. CEC parts department personnel are experienced (typically more than 20 years in the industry) and desirous to serve you economically and quickly. Call today and see how we can serve your needs on a wide inventory of sensors.



For key thermal component design CEC has a focus like no other furnace company. CEC has its own AMCA-like fan testing station to certify that a given gas flow and pressure can be achieved by each fan whether the fan is CEC built or built by a third party fan manufacturer. CEC engineers pride themselves in matching CEC custom engineered fans to a customer production load.

insulation seals gaskets

Insulation, Seals, and Gaskets

Customers want the very best insulating and sealing products so that process temperatures in their furnaces and ovens will be uniform and maintained with minimal heat input. The range of products that we have used and apply is tremendous. We have many of our seals and gaskets custom made by or for CEC.