Industrial Fans

In addition to other aftermarket services, CEC makes a broad range of large capacity heavy industrial fans. Due to special needs for recirculation of extreme quantities of particulate laden gases at high temperature; CEC undertook an effort to develop axial and centrifugal fans. These fans have been hugely successful for our customers due to their high quality and reliability. Some other features of these fans include:

Some other features of these fans include:

  • No-vibration bearing mounts
  • Water and air cooled applications to 1500 F
  • Atmosphere sealed fans to minimize oxidation
  • flows up to 100,000 CFM
  • A wide range of static pressure capabilities

CEC engineers employ the latest versions of Dassault-SolidWorks computational fluid dynamic (CFD) software. This high end software along with CEC’s product development center and years of testing experience allow us to predict closely what fan flow and pressure is required. Typically a fan design already exists, but sometimes a new fan design is required. Once the fan is designed and built CEC will test the fans’ flow and pressure and generate a fan curve with resultant horsepowers.

Often at CEC we don’t rely on third party manufacturers of fans; we assure our own engineering and convective heat transfer.

In 2012 CEC joined up with Georgia Tech to develop a new fan for high temperature gases. In our department now are a new series of fans that will be used to provide even shorter heat treatment cycle times to casting and forging manufacturers.

So if you are looking for heat treatment furnace manufacturers or heat treatment furnaces in general, call CEC where we take the guesswork out of the process. CEC fans are the finest quality in US industry.

Industrial fan