Quenching and Automation

For the past 58 years CEC has improved manufacturing automation by making factory layouts and product transfers more efficient and effective in the allotted space. This singular focus by our application engineers has resulted in huge cost savings to our customers in forging, foundry, rolling and extrusion mills worldwide.

All types of transfer mechanisms have been applied including:
  • Gantry cranes
  • Multi-axis robot
  • Monorail power and free conveyors
  • Roller conveyors and Roller hearths
  • Heavy duty elevators
  • Manipulators that mimic robotics
  • Large product manipulators to 25 tons
  • Quick Quench elevators
Often quenching automation is needed to preserve metallurgical properties achieved by the industrial heating equipment designed and supplied turnkey by CEC. CEC has deep experience in various quenching media including: water, water and synthetics, air, air-mist, fluid-bed media and inert atmosphere rapid cooling. CEC has performed thousands of tests with our heavy industry partners to chronicle variations in metallurgical physical properties for steel, aluminum and more exotic materials for forgings and castings.
Quenching and Automation


Our experience and R&D facility can establish empirical guidelines while our CFD modeling capabilities can establish the theoretical to allow “if-then” variants for various alloys and heat treatment properties.

CEC has automated and refined progressive quenching systems for aerospace hard alloys. CEC systems air quench millions of castings and forgings per year; this type of quench removes the residual stress potential caused by other quenching rates.

Regarding your manufacturing data; call and see how we can connect your manufacturing data by ethernet and Profinet to your Controllers PC based spreadsheet. This data can be used for tracking, quality control or finances. Conversely, CEC can transfer your 25 ton forging from a tip up furnace to the water quench.

At CEC we know the metals and materials industry from a worldwide and multi-decade perspective, we are committed to help our customers prosper. Give us a call and we will be happy to discuss this and other aftermarket services with you.

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