Aluminum, Titanium, and Steel preheat furnaces

Forging Preheat & Solution Furnaces

Forging preheat furnaces for steel, titanium and aluminum are common areas of CEC applied technology. These furnaces can be automated for automatic load charge and discharge. PLC based controls offer in depth data control or reporting as needed.

Once forgings are formed they can be charged for annealing, solutionizing or similar type furnaces.



PLC based controls offer in depth data control or reporting as needed


Forging Furnace Features

CEC Forging furnaces are rugged and built for the tough duty that is the Forging mill norm.

Some furnace features are:

  • Can interface with your press automatically or by forktruck
  • Combustion systems of all types, with and without recuperation
  • Titanium and steel preheat furnaces have heavy alloy hearth protection plates.
  • T-shaped door lintel assures door shape stays uniform even when often open.
  • Flue designs assure optimum uniformity.
  • Refractory designs are state of the art.
  • up to 2150°F

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