Our Culture and Mission

Leading Industrial Furnace Manufacturer Since 1959

Consolidated Engineering Company is a top-quality industrial furnace manufacturer. We design and supply heat treatment products that meet the strict metallurgical properties requirements of industrial manufacturing companies all over the world.

Simply put, we make metal stronger through heat treatment. CEC furnaces enable industrial companies to make better products: more efficient engines made with stronger metal, lighter airplanes, and safer car bodies. Our furnaces help make everything from NASA spaceship parts to the wrench in your toolbox.

We have been manufacturing industrial level furnaces since 1959 in the Atlanta area. During that time, 3,400 of our machines have been purchased and installed by our customers. 89% of our sales are from repeat customers, a testament to the quality of our products and services. Our staff is uniquely qualified in the areas of electrical, thermal, mechanical and materials applications for industrial furnaces and heat treating equipment. Each project is handled by a trained project engineer to ensure the overall success of the project.

The innovations that we have made in the area of industrial furnaces have resulted in over 140 U.S. patents. Our engineering process begins with an initial consultation with one of our applications engineers who will talk you through different the types of equipment to fit your needs. After the initial application is complete, we will look at different options for your furnace based on your product needs. Our American fabrication facility is committed to exceeding customer expectations in furnace reliability and performance.

All of our products are developed using high end software and in-house testing to accurately predict what fan flow and pressure will be required. This application of software and years of testing provides a unique ability to predict which components and processes will work for your needs. Along with our products we offer replacement parts for our products and a great deal of competitor products.

When it comes time to install your new industrial furnace, CEC field technicians will be there to help with proven installation, training and starting procedures to ensure the safe and proper operation of your new equipment. We also offer guidance on developing a team framework and ways to optimize budget, timeliness, quality and local need.

Our years of experience have allowed us to develop unique furnace types for different industries such as aerospace, railroad, forging and various aluminum and steel applications. We offer several industrial furnace designs to serve your needs including:

Research & Development

In order to sustain profitable growth and continue to bring the newest innovations to customers, CEC supports a $1.8 million in-house research & development department that provides direction and allocates resources toward the research, design and development of new and improved product lines for all CEC product divisions and their customers. CEC’S R&D group also provides value added support in confirming customer requirements for the thermal processing of their products.

Call today and discuss with a CEC technician how your process can be tested, improved and machinery can be developed to fit your tailored manufacturing need.


CEC’s mission is to achieve a consistent growth rate by maximizing positive customer experience through continuous improvement and innovation of the highest quality thermal processing equipment and services. Our combined success provides our employees and their families challenging growth opportunities and a higher quality of life in their community.

At CEC we are committed to continuously exceeding the expectations of our customers by providing superior engineered products and services. We pursue individual and corporate excellence in all that we do. We deliver quality products and services that add value for our customers. CEC strives for corporate and individual excellence and will never compromise on integrity and accountability.

Christian Principles

We seek humility and Christ-likeness in our leadership. We seek God’s grace to lead our business and nurture our community.
We foster spiritual growth to all our stakeholders.

Total Pursuit of Excellence

We provide high quality products and services to our customers.
We pursue individual and corporate excellence in all that we do.

Constant Respect for the Individual

We empower employees to fully participate and contribute to the company’s success.
We believe in the self-worth of each individual and base our relationships on mutual trust.

Adding Customer Value

We will deliver quality products and services that add value from the customer’s viewpoint.
We will deliver value throughout the entire customer experience.

Uncompromising Integrity

We believe that integrity and accountability must never be compromised.