CEC machines process over 70,000,000 Head, Block and Wheel castings every year.

A Leader in Automotive T4, T5, T6, T7 and Steel Heat Treatment

Materials improvements have paved the way for worldwide auto producers to improve care safety, energy efficiency and recyclability. High pressure die castings made with vacuum assist are a bread and butter technology for CEC for structural aluminum castings. CEC has been at the forefront of T-temper machinery innovation for the last 28 years specializing in t4, t5, t6, and t7 heat treatment systems.

Electric cars are accelerating the improved materials need. Large diameter wheels for electric and gas cars need to be processed to a T6 temper with a basketless and trayless conveyance method that assures that the wheel casting is flat during solutionizing. CEC has great innovation to assure flat and stable conveyance that is recently introduced.

Knowledge & Expertise

CEC’s knowledge and expertise has come about through testing of more than 6350 blocks, heads, wheels, forgings and squeeze castings. The tests have allowed CEC to understand minimum heat treatment times to achieve 85% to 100% of potential physical properties in common alloys used in the world automotive industry for engine and undercarriage castings and forgings.

CEC will also operate your system for you and allow you to pay for the system on a cost per casting or forging basis. CEC has operated systems under contract in USA, Germany and Mexico for our customers. In one case we agreed to an operating cost on a per casting basis at the beginning of the contract. Once CEC was on site we implemented energy and pollution savings machinery improvements over the first two years of operation. After six years of operation CEC had reduced the cost to process each casting by 50%.


Our staff has hundreds of years of experience in applying, designing, fabricating, installing and servicing thermal processing equipment.

CEC has tremendous knowledge as the world leader in air quenching, water quenching and spray quenching. Our testing has been refined over the years to show the expected physical property differences and determinants.

CEC is the originator of trayless, basketless T6 and T4 heat treatment systems for cored castings; this technology has been adapted to non-cored casting and forgings. No furnace company in the world has more experience is this area than CEC.

Types of Automotive Applications

CEC has many types of Automotive application furnaces including:

  • Chain type wheel furnaces for T6 and T4
  • Horizontal heat treatment furnaces for extrusions or wrought products
  • IQ furnaces
  • Mesh Belt furnaces for small parts
  • Hardening and tempering continuous furnaces
  • Drop Bottom furnaces
  • In-Out furnaces
  • Conventional T6, T4 and T5 furnaces for Solution Heat Treatment
  • – Roller Hearth furnaces of all types
  • Car Bottom, Bogie Hearth or Mobile furnaces
  • Monorail heat treatment systems for Austenitizing and Tempering

Please call and see how we can help with thermal processing and material handling needs. Our experience with Mercedes, BMW, Norsk Hydro, Alcoa, Ford, GM, Nemak, Teksid and other fine companies should give us insight into your application. Also, our in-house testing may be just what you need to make your automotive parts more economically and at a higher quality.