Sand Lion®

Sand Lion® Casting Efficiency

CEC invented the Sand Lion® 3-in-1 Foundry System. Today it is synonymous with casting efficiency in modern plants around the world. CEC designs Aluminum Thermal Systems that not only make your casting production more cost efficient, but also more reliable and environmentally friendly.

We design each Sand Lion® system to suit detailed specifications that are developed after a careful audit of the casting process, including material handling systems and facilities. We work with you as a team member. Your engineering representative is supported by CEC foundry specialists who are available to work on your project from preliminary design to final installation and system ramp up.

Sand Lion® Casting Efficiency


We work with you as a team member.


Improve Your Foundry Yield

Working for you – the combined experience of patented casting handling and heat treatment technologies. CEC experience in post Aluminum casting Heat Treat Systems goes back over 50 years. Evolving from special engineering expertise in Aluminum Thermal Systems in a range of industries, our depth and breadth of expertise today brings unique benefits to metal casters worldwide.

Let our staff show you how to lower costs and improve your foundry yield.

Sand Lion® Industrial Furnaces

Higher Productivity
CEC systems adapt to existing casting process lines to minimize handling. Castings with cores or sand molds are loaded directly into the Sand Lion® system immediately after pouring. Clean, heat-treated castings exit ready for further processing.

Better Quality
Even complex castings are thoroughly cleaned and heat treated with a precise atmospheric balance, heat and high velocity air. Vibration or knockout of the casting is eliminated.

System Recycling ROI
Mold and Core sand is cleaned as part of the Sand Lion® process. Heat and fluidizing air purifies sand and supports casting heat treatment. 60% energy savings are not uncommon.

Less Equipment
No more stand-alone shakeout, heat treatment, and thermal sand reclaimer equipment with attendant handling and plant floor space.

Reliability and Performance
Proven the world over with more than 45 Sand Lion® systems operating worldwide.

Environmentally Friendly
Outgases are environmentally safe.

Maximize Industrial Efficiency With a CEC Sand Lion

Sand Lion® furnaces are a type of foundry furnace that are designed to efficiently melt and refine metals such as iron, steel, and copper. These furnaces are typically made with a durable refractory lining, which can withstand the high temperatures required for melting and refining metals. The unique design of Sand Lion furnaces allows for a greater degree of control over the melting process, resulting in higher quality metal products. Additionally, Sand Lion furnaces are known for their energy efficiency, as they are designed to recycle waste heat and reduce fuel consumption. Due to their durability and efficiency, Sand Lion furnaces are widely used in a variety of industries, including automotive manufacturing, construction, and aerospace.