Aluminum Mill Equipment

Aluminum Mill Product

CEC has broad engineering and machinery depth for support of Aluminum Extrusion, Forging, Wire and Rolling mills. Our expertise covers solutionizing and annealing for these product ranges. CEC has unique automation and process methods for moving your manufactured mill products.

CEC has a strong history of innovation in Annealing furnace process improvements that allow rapid heating and cooling of coiled metal. CEC has an AMCA type fan testing department which tests CEC designed or purchased fans. The knowledge of the actual fan performance allows us to install known air flows at given system pressures into our computational fluid dynamic (CFD) modeling for a given customer metal load. This tested knowledge interfaces with the heat transfer programs that predict the conductive heat thru the metal and the solid model of the furnace machine itself. These engineering steps allow our customers to know the machine performance prior to purchase.


CEC has unique automation and process methods for moving your manufactured mill products

Heat Treat Line Features

Our Solution heat treat lines have wonderful innovative features including:

  • Progressive Spray Quench for Bar, Plate and shapes
  • Nozzle or Mass flow air impingement
  • direct or indirect gas heating
  • Pulse or proportional combustion firing
  • Recuperative or conventional combustion
  • Full automation product conveyance, control and documentation to level I, II or III
  • Batch or continuous for Steel, Titanium or Aluminum

For the Aluminum Forging Mill CEC provides furnaces that will automate to the press by multiple manipulation methods. These furnaces are built for 24 x 7 x 365 duty. For smaller billets the preheat furnace can be fitted with vision or locating device for automatic press feeding.

So whether your product will be monorail, roller-hearth, crane or fork truck loaded and conveyed through heat-treatment we at CEC can bring reliability and quality to your mills’ heat processing needs. Call today and let us show you our ideas and designs.