Drop Bottom & Vertical Furnaces

Vertical Heat Treatment & Drop Bottom Furnaces

Worldwide the largest aircraft and transportation alloy components are heat treated in CEC Drop Bottom Solutionizing furnaces.

CEC has manufactured and installed drop bottom furnaces wince 1959, with smallest load dimension of 3 ft up to largest exceeding 65 ft. Our drop bottom furnaces are used for components as small as aircraft fasteners, all the way up to 65 ft wing extrusions. We have built drop bottoms for up to 20 ft diameter forged rings for rockets, large turbine inlet cones, and 30,000 pound loads for aircraft forgings.

For rapid and uniform convective heating our fan and duct configurations guarantee close temperature uniformity throughout the load chamber and parts. Computational Fluid Dynamic modeling predicts reliable machinery performance and allows CEC and our customers to optimize part density and load rack configuration to increase machinery through-put.

Part marking and data acquisition can allow SCADA interface with your ERP software to assure bottom line predictability and part tracking documentation.

The CEC business process will take your project from RFQ to SOP in a reliable and predictable way allowing the final customers to enjoy their ride or flight.

heating and quench flow analysis


Drop Bottom furnaces are used when material properties are critical and the time from solution heat treating to quench must be minimal.

Drop Bottom Furnace Configurations

CEC offers a large variety of options:
  • Automated basket or rack disconnect, hands free, personnel free work areas.
  • Moveable: Cars, Quench tanks, Furnace or Load cars – remotely driven.
  • Submergable or side of tank mounted Quenchant agitators.
  • Quench tanks are heated, cooled and % polymer can be fully controlled.
  • Alloy fabrication racks for round, rectangular, square or your special geometry loads.
  • In ground concrete tanks, steel lined or stainless steel tanks of all sizes.
  • Gas heating systems to your need, including: direct, indirect, pulse, recuperative, low NOX.
  • Electric heating with bank type heaters or wire on fiber wall mounted.

CEC is flexible and experienced; give us a chance to listen and apply our knowledge, we can help in most applications of larger sized machines. We have the muscle and brains to back up our systems with good project management, installation and service.

Drop Bottom Furnace Configurations


CEC is experienced in manufacturing drop bottoms for aerospace fasteners & other small load applications.

Call CEC for Drop Bottom Solutions

CEC has built tower type Drop Bottom furnaces that can process:

  • Wing Struts & similar long structural extrusions
  • Lip Skins & similar spinnings
  • Large Forgings 

Call today and see why companies such as Boeing, Bell Helicopter, Scot Forge, Ladish, Arconic, GKN Aerospace, and others bring their most stringent applications to CEC for processing in drop bottom furnaces.