T4, T6, & T7 Heat Treatment Lines

CEC is the World Leader in Aluminum Casting and Forging Heat Treatment

Extensive Patented Technology

CEC is the world leader in solution heat treatment systems that achieve T4, T6, and T7 time, temperature and quench recipes. These systems are designated as Sand Lion, CleanCast, conventional roller hearth, or trayless and basketless heat treatment machines.

In 2014, CEC turned its focus to achieving these tempers in High-Pressure Die Castings (HPDC). These machines offer temperatures and cycles that substantially reduce casting’s distortion and blisters. Call us today and see how we can help in this new area of industry focus.  

CEC has developed tremendous knowledge and depth through testing and product development with our customers that has resulted in extensive patented technology in this equipment area. CEC aluminum heat treatment systems process more than 57,000,000 heads, blocks, and wheels per year.

Our goal is to you save time, money and pollution in your foundry design. Call us early in your production planning process as our furnace designs can likely reduce your required floor space and foundry labor costs. Typically our systems require about half the floor space and manpower of traditional foundry systems.


Our goal is to you save time, money and pollution in your foundry design.

6350 In-House Tests

CEC has more than 6350 in house tests that were performed on a broad array of aluminum alloys. Our R&D facility may be just the place for developing your next casting, forging or extrusion heat treat process.CEC developed fan parameters are variable speed controlled so that trending with resultant material properties can be understood for accurate specification development.

Our Testing, R&D and product development department can process your parts in several machine types, including:

  • Jet flow nozzle heating
  • mass flow convective heating
  • Deep Fluid Bed (DFB)
  • Mold filling to 500 lbs.
  • Pulse wave demolding
  • Infrared heating

The furnaces listed above can be combined with several types of quenching machines, such as:

  • Air (with nozzle or mass flow)
  • Water or water spray
  • Glycol mix
  • Air-water mists
  • Fluid bed

Please call today and see how the furnace manufacturing experts at CEC can optimize machinery and processes for your T4, T6, and T7 requirements.