Reliable solutions for the Railroad Industry

Robust Railroad Industry Systems

CEC provides robust heat treatment systems to meet the demands of the railroad industry. Our products for these steel & cast iron parts include:

As DOT-111A tanker cars are replaced to meet the new requirements of US Title 49 Part 174, CEC stands ready supply reliable and consistent heat treatment for rail car manufacturers.

We tailor our designs to meet your production facilities unique needs.

The following are some examples of typical heat treated parts:

  • Dished heads used in rail car
  • Tanker ends require normalizing
  • Stress relief treatment

Once these are welded in place, we offer large stress relieving lines for the entire vessel. Typically we recommend Roller Hearth & Car Bottom furnaces for this process.

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We tailor our designs to meet your production facilities’ unique needs.


Temper and Quench

Train car wheel treatment lines are designed to temper & quench (Q&T) the steel wheel forgings. We design and manufacture double temper furnaces to ensure that sufficient hardness is realized on the exterior of the wheel. For typical arrangements we suggest processing in Roller Hearth or Monorail systems.
Train-car axle treatment lines are designed to harden, quench, and temper (HQT) parts from the mill. Most designs are Roller Hearth systems or Tip-Ups.

Car trucks & bolsters used in rail car manufacturing are treated in normalizing & stress relief furnaces. CEC Roller Hearth designs allow efficient production of these iron castings.

Couplers & Shoes are treated by a harden, quench, and temper process (HQT). These iron castings can be effectively treated in standard batch systems, Integral Quench system, or Tip-Up furnaces.

Just like you, we don’t cut corners. All of our furnaces are manufactured and designed in the USA.

Our engineering department uses computational fluid dynamic modeling (CFD) software to anticipate any problems of non-uniform heat treatment or quenching before they occur. Taking this extra step prevents surprises & supports optimum furnace design to meet your company’s needs.

We walk our customers through our furnace & oven designs with 3D modeling software during the quoting process. We will work with you to integrate the treatment line into your existing equipment & floorspace.

All of this helps us maximize your process uptime, reliability, & consistency. Give us a call to speak with a sales engineer about your company’s needs or send us an email using the box below.