Aftermarket Furnace Services

CEC offers a broad range of aftermarket, spare part, and maintenance services for industrial furnaces. We are experienced in repairing furnace systems provided by other companies; not just our own.

Aftermarket Industrial Furnace Repairs and Services

CEC offers a broad range of aftermarket, spare part, and maintenance services for industrial furnaces. We are experienced in repairing furnace systems provided by other companies; not just our own. This page is an overview for all of our industrial furnace aftermarket services and spare parts services. If you are looking for industrial furnace repairs and service information on a particular furnace type, we have additional aftermarket information under our furnace-type pages. If your specific needs are not explicitly covered here, please give us a call. We are dedicated to keeping manufacturers like you up and running

Industrial Furnace Parts

The spare and wear parts that we recommend have been proven in 24 x 365 production environments. CEC staff have deep experience in selecting the right components for your production needs. We have been successful in this across a large variety of furnace types—even those from other furnace builders.

Alloy fabrications, valves, burners, fans, insulation, seals and, roll material, are often stocked by CEC. Refractory shapes, burner boxes and, quench tanks can be supplied as a spare part assembly. Parts can often be recognized with a photo or part number by our trained staff.
Some examples of spare parts we can provide:

  •  Seals and gaskets of many shapes and sizes—- for temperatures up to 2000°F.
    Industrial fans of all types.
  • Transmission parts.
  • Burners and, regulators.
  • Specially designed bearings for heavy duty fans, roller hearths, gantries, etc. CEC Engineers can help you with load and use Calculations.
  • Motors and drives.
  • Lasers and sensors.
  • Fluid flow components for all applications.
  • Ceramics—CEC stocks ceramics that can be cut like tiles or cast into sophisticated shapes. The cast shapes require design and bake-out (curing techniques) which CEC is well experienced in.
  • Convective heat transfer baffles and heat shields and similar components are often made of Ni/Cr alloys that CEC can cut, shape and weld into time tested designs for your heat transfer application.
  • Quench agitation impellers which are submersible, or side mounted.

TUS & SAT Heat Treat Furnace Compliance for CQI-9, NADCAP, AMS 2750, and Other Standards

CEC has experience in helping our customers meet most industrial heat treatment standards. We have calibration equipment, oven and furnace tracking equipment, and the experience to help you achieve compliance. 

  • To fulfill SAT compliance, CEC will bring calibration instruments and components to certify your thermocouples, wire and temperature controllers.
  • Once your instruments have been certified, they will be stamped and put in your ledger.
  • Virtual or on-site support and adjustments if the equipment is out of temperature uniformity compliance.
  • CFD Modeling.
  • CEC radio telemetry instruments to pin-point TUS trouble spots.
  • Seal replacement and furnace modification or modernization to meet machinery requirements for compliance. 

Data and Machinery Controls- PLC, HMI. Aftermarket Services for Heat Treatment Furnaces

Today, control systems for machines can offer a wide range of features. Systems can have cloud-based monitoring and Level II & III control interfaces (API language).

Other features or services can include:

  • Tray or part tracking.
  • Substantially automated reporting.
  • CEC control systems can be packaged to meet your production and quality requirements for new or existing machines.

CEC On-site Visits & Services

CEC will send our specialists to your shop floor to complete work. Our Field Service team has over 100 years of combined experience in Industrial Furnaces. CEC staff will come with a broad skill set to fit your needs: PLC programmers, welders, conveyors, or fan techs, temperature uniformity troubleshooting and testing— all of our field staff have experience in two or more of these areas. Our field service teams are second to none.

Some on-site services we offer include:

  • Set burners or electric heaters at correct settings to support temperature uniformity, optimum gas usage and support safe operation.
  • Manometer or flow meter confirmation of flows (air, gas) for process stability.
  • On- site engineer visits to assess urgent or complicated problems.
  • Fan bearing replacement or fan balancing.
  • Basket or tray repair, conveyor alignment.
  • Production parameters brought up to a maintainable standard.
  • Installation of parts for maintenance or preemptive service. Our customers often time our on-site visits when seals are being replaced.

Many other CEC services can be customized into a service agreement or into a single visit to meet your production and quality requirements.

Industrial Furnace Renovation & Modernization Services

Older equipment may or may not be able to meet today’s standards of quality, efficiency, and pollution control. CEC offers the service of evaluating your equipment for improvement. Drawings, schedules, and budgets may be needed and CEC can help.

  • CEC staff and our support contractors have hundreds of combined years of machinery experience. We understand how to bring an outdated furnace up to modern standards.
  • CEC has door and conveyor systems that may be retrofittable to your existing machinery.
  • Full systems or portions of systems can be delivered to CEC’s state-of-the-art fabrication facility in Kennesaw, Georgia. This facility houses experts in machinery design and repair. Eight over-head cranes move parts rapidly through the design and fabrication process.
  • With two in- house plasma cutters, and fully equipped and modernized sheet metal, fabrication, piping and wiring departments,; our 100,000 ft² shop floor allows room for aftermarket jobs to be rapidly built alongside new furnace jobs.
  • CFD modeling or FEA analysis may show simpler solutions thatn have not been considered. With 61 years in the business we probably have seen some of your problems;, we may be able to help.

Aftermarket Material Handling Improvements for Industrial Furnaces and Ovens

CEC will work to help our customers with load transfer integration and automation within their manufacturing plant. These solutions and services include:

  • Manipulators and conveyors for loading, unloading, and queuing.
  • Transfer machinery for water or air-quench systems. CEC has provided these systems for up to 25-ton parts.
  • Battery or inductive cable- operated transfer cars to interface with stackers, ARS or load conveyors. Cars can be designed for your load.
  • Floor flatness, timing studies and general engineering are provided to assure safe and efficient process flow.
  • No-man-present automation and delivery with cars, conveyors, or area cranes. Automation at load and unload can minimize human touch quality issues and provide documentation basis for CQI-9 or NadCap compliance. We have installed state of the art Electric Vehicle (EV) systems for transfer and loading of structural auto castings. These additions often lead to increased quality and consistency.

Aftermarket Fan Service and Balancing

To properly apply convective product heating applications, CEC has taken substantial steps towards perfecting fans and properly maintaining fans:

  • We have built industrial furnace fans of many types and designs for 30 years.
  • We can fully rebuild your fans in our shop or balance them in the field.
  • Our ability to predictively analyze your applications via CFD modeling is substantial and well-practiced.
  • CEC works with Georgia Tech for predictive modeling programs.
  • CEC’s multimillion-dollar test facility can take theory into written guarantees with empirical data.
  • We have our own AMCA-type fan test chamber to generate flow (CFM), pressure drop vs. BHP curves. We know the fan flow that we will deliver;, our competitors guess.

Large Aftermarket Furnace-Related Alloy Fabrications

Radiant Tubes: Plug assemblies with expansion bellows, turbulence enhancement inserts or shapes, with FGR or without, W, U, and single- ended shapes. CEC designers optimize the tube design, heat transfer air flow, and limit product seeing radiation.

Fixtures, Trays, Baskets: Pinned assemblies allow less distortion from quenching and give longer life. CEC has excellent designs for castings and forgings. We build fixtures for HPDC thin- walled structural castings and stampings based on CFD and real-world testing. 

High Temperature Retorts: Sealed retorts for protective gas heat treatment, fabricated from stainless steel and titanium. Our experience in providing and specifying retorts includes brazed applications (heat exchangers and rocket engines) and complex alloys (which are prone to thermal oxidation).

Coil Saddles: CFD confirmed flow analysis can allow CEC customers to improve airflow to the wrapped edges of coiled sheet or wire. CEC designs coil support saddles to offer ease of loading, minimal coil distortion, and good airflow.

Trust CEC with Your Aftermarket and Industrial Furnace Spare Parts Needs

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