Roller Hearth Furnace Maintenance

Excellent maintenance on your Roller Hearth furnace is key to successful continuous heat treating. These machines have sophisticated features and components which assure reliable conformity to final customer requirements.

CEC offers the following services for Roller Hearth Furnaces:

This page is an overview of CEC’s aftermarket service for Roller Hearth Furnaces. To see a more detailed overview of all wear and spare parts, rebuild options, furnace modification options, and modifications for compliance towards CQI-9-4, AMS_2750F, and other standards, visit our Aftermarket Service page.

Spare Parts for Roller Hearths

CEC supplies:

  • Rolls
  • Bearings
  • Gear-box drives
  • Sensors
  • Fans
  • Combustion components
  • Seal & Gasket combinations
  • Many other parts

We will always do our best to deliver to you as quickly as possible. We are typically able to find a replacement component for any CEC furnace- even machines that are 50 years old- within a few business days. Often, we can find and supply spare parts for non-CEC furnaces as well.

Assuming your current furnace is reliable, somewhat efficient, and productive, we often suggest minor improvements that can be made on the fly. If more substantive fixes are needed, CEC’s engineering department can get involved. We offer site visits by furnace engineers or field engineers to pinpoint problems. Whatever the need, CEC can often advise or help get your equipment functioning more reliably.

Beyond Maintenance, Roller Hearth Furnace Rebuilds
Poorly designed or less sophisticated furnaces may need substantial re-engineering. Baskets or racks of parts may travel through indexing or continuous furnace systems. Changes in production times, temperatures, and poundage throughput can create the need for a complete furnace rebuild. Sometimes the “fix” for this is nearly as expensive as a new Roller Hearth furnace system. Our engineering team can help determine the best course of action for your company.

Compliance for Customer requirements or Internal Reporting
Control systems can offer cloud-based access and monitoring if desired by the customer; these features are retrofittable for existing systems. Aerospace and automotive compliance efforts can be expensive and redundant if not well planned. CEC can be an excellent partner to help you find a reliable reporting solution to satisfy your quality assurance needs. Furnace instrumentation modernization may be needed for older equipment. We can help with that too.

Calibration ports (SAT) may be required to meet a customer standard. CEC can run a TUS (temperature uniformity survey) to ensure that the furnace product envelope will meet the requirements for a given load configuration. Heavier loads require more robust roller conveyors and drives. Thick or densely loaded parts will heat more slowly. The fix here may be in the convective heat transfer system. Discussing your load and current machinery with a CEC staff engineer can help define the steps needed to modify your existing equipment.

Modern insulating materials offer better and more efficient furnace performance. There are also significant improvements to be realized in door or other opening gasket seals. CEC is an industry leader in furnace gasket design and supply.

Older furnaces may have materials that need careful and specific removal and remediation. In some applications, CEC will bring in experts for these conditions.

Thank you for your interest in CEC’s Aftermarket Services for Roller Hearth Furnaces. To get things started, contact us, or call 770-422-5100