Industrial Batch Furnaces

The Biggest Variety in Batch Workhorses

Designed by CEC For More Than 50 Years

CEC offers a large variety of standard and custom batch furnaces including IQ, Vacuum, Bell, Pit, Box, Bell, Gantry, Tip-up, Car Bottom, and Drop Bottom configurations. We have manufactured some of the largest and most sophisticated batch furnaces in the world, including tower furnaces for aerospace wing struts, and rapid quench systems for forged rings up to 23 feet in diameter. Whether your project is large or small, CEC’s engineers are equipped to offer innovative and cost effective solutions for your business based on over five decades of experience in batch heat treating.

To meet more demanding production needs, CEC has installed hundreds of batch configurations with automated loading and unloading systems, quenching, and automatic interface with gantry cranes, robots, or conveyors. We can install PLC control to Level I, II or III to fit your facility’s needs. Direct gas-fired, radiant tube and electric heating systems are offered to meet heat treating parameters and atmosphere requirements.

More About Batch Furnaces

This page is intended to provide an overview of batch furnaces. For specific information about a furnace configuration that suits your production needs, use the chat box to reach an engineer or use the following links below to learn more about a specific type:

  • Car Bottom and Mobile Furnaces – Our Car and Mobile page overviews CEC’s expertise in hot car, cold car, and other mobile furnace designs. These furnaces are manufactured to meet a variety of customer needs, from treating large forgings and logs to annealing spools of wire.
  • Drop Bottom – CEC is a world leader in custom and standard Drop Bottom Furnaces, having manufactured some of the largest and most sophisticated drop bottoms in the world for wing and fuselage components, forgings, large castings, and extrusions.
  • Atmosphere Retort Furnaces – our page on Retort Furnaces overviews some of our systems for annealing, carburizing, normalizing, and brazing processes in controlled atmospheres.
  • Integral Quench – we offer a large variety of IQ Furnaces with a breadth of experience in neutral hardening, carbonitriding, carburizing, bright annealing, stress relieving, ferritic nitrocarburizing, and carbon restoration applications.
  • Clam shell (Tip-Up) – CEC manufactures Tip-Up Furnaces that handle loads up to 50,000 lbs for hardening, aging, annealing, stress-relief, and forging preheating applications.
  • Didn’t see what you were looking for? Batch furnaces represent such a large category of products that we may not have a specific page for the configuration that you are looking for. You can use the top menu of our site to navigate to a specific metallurgical process, or find a page on your industry.   


Batch furnaces have been custom designed by CEC for more than 50 years and are installed at hundreds of facilities worldwide.

Committed to Making You a Better Manufacturer

Batch configurations cover a wide variety of applications serving virtually every industry that heat treats. Though traditionally loaded and unloaded manually, and often operating on smaller (pounds per hour versus tons) production scales, batch furnace setups can be configured to strike a good balance between system cost and automation needs.

Reach out to a CEC engineer today to learn more about our standard and custom batch furnace designs. Use the chat box to get started.