Processing Equipment

Processing Equipment

The heading “Processing Equipment” covers many areas of machinery including: process automation design, robotics, grippers, quench units and conveyance.

As an example; CEC rebuilds our customers’ old quench tanks and elevators on a regular (10-20 year) basis. This rebuilding allows the implementation of new components, controls and allows safety and efficiency to be reconsidered and assured.

CEC has recently re-engineered many of our old quench tanks and agitators to allow new generations of quench sensitive alloys to be processed. For years this has been a key area of work for CEC’s engineering staff.

So if you need to fix, automate or improve your workflow call us and see how we can help to turn our experience into improved manufacturing efficiency for you.  We can also provide you with an overview of the other aftermarket services CEC offers.

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 We provide a wide range of processing equipment:

  • Work Baskets
  • Quench Tank Agitators or Pumps
  • Quench Tanks and Elevators
  • Robotics, grippers, or gantry cranes
  • Fabricated or Cast Alloy Roller Hearth Trays
  • Custom Conveyors
  • Sand coolers or Conveyors
  • Fixtures for parts production, quenching or automation
  • Roller Hearth Rolls
  • Engineered Components
processing equipment