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Decades of Experience

CEC has supplied industrial Tip-Up furnaces for decades. Also called clam shell furnaces, these machines are often used for heat treatment of large castings, forgings, wrought bars, ingots, or billets for heavy industry.

The Heat Treatment processes performed in these machines include:

  • Hardening with Quench
  • Aging or Precipitation Hardening
  • Annealing or Stress Relieving
  • Forging Preheating

CEC has manufactured tip-up furnaces that handle loads of up to 50,000 lbs (22,727 Kg) and operate to 2150°F (1180°C). CEC has excellent refractory designs for the large peripheral seal. We offer robust architecture for the heavy load carrying piers in tip-up applications.

Furnaces can be proportionally heated or pulse fired with various fuel gases. Alternatively the furnace can be electrically heated. We have extensive experience with both heating methods. The top clamshell section of the furnace is hydraulically raised by a full length torsion tube that ensures repeatable opening without lid distortion.

tip up furances


Furnaces can be proportionally heated or pulse fired with various fuel gases. Alternatively the furnace can be electrically heated.

Committment to High Quality and Consistency

After heat treatment, the load is automatically transferred from the furnace to the water, polymer, or air quench; typically within 30-35 seconds. Alternatively, the load can be transferred to a cool station or forge. The transfer of the load from the furnace is achieved with a mechanically or hydraulically driven manipulator that is expertly designed to meet product specifications. An example is pictured above. CEC manipulators are the state of the art for heavy industry and allow reliable and accurate processing of a broad array of parts.

CEC is a world leader in quenching automation for tip-up and clam-shell furnaces because of our commitmCoent to quality. We have run over 6,350 in-house sponsored tests on castings, forgings and similar wrought or extruded materials. Our tests measure heat treatment and quenching variations along with resultant tensile, yield, and hardness results for various alloys. CEC can perform actual quench tests on some applications to support your quality goals.

Our engineers can create an array of CFD parameters that accurately predict heat transfer rates and cooling across a part. Testing at the onset of design allows us to work out potential residual stress problems early. On several alloys, CEC has developed air quenching machines that remove quench induced residual stress. Our commitment to extensive testing and modeling during the furnace design process ensures high quality and consistency.

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