Insulation, Seals & Gaskets

Insulation, Seals and Gaskets

Furnace design 101 is a metal box with insulation. At CEC we are way beyond that. Insulating materials have gone through and continue to go through extreme change and review due to hazardous health potential and the need for energy conservation and pollution limitation.

Customers want the very best insulating and sealing products so that process temperatures in their furnaces and ovens will be uniform and maintained with minimal heat input. The range of products that we have used and apply is tremendous. We have many of our seals and gaskets custom made by or for CEC.

Bulb gaskets with duel or single metal wire cores, pillow seals, large cast soft and hard shaped refractories, insulating modules, modules with built in electric heating elements, cast burner outlets, to name a few of hundreds of products and applications are often stocked by CEC.

Call CEC today and see how our applications engineers can help to insulate and seal your troubled or less efficient furnaces and ovens. We can also assist you with other aftermarket services

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