Alloy Fabrication

Radiant Tubes

Heat treating is a high temperature, energy intensive process. The hotter the oven/furnace process temperature, the hotter the exhaust temperatures and the lower the over-all efficiency. Radiant tubes are made of various types of metal alloys or cast ceramic. Burner and tube designs that get more of the heat out of the tube and into the furnace/process have become more common as energy prices increased. This page will contain information about technologies developed to increase burner/tube efficiency.

CEC also offers other aftermarket services including electrical, industrial fans, and processing equipment.





Trays, Saddle Fixtures

CEC has built custom furnaces for many applications including those needed for metal annealing since1959.CEC has an AMCA type fan test center to assure fans flow at a given pressure and horsepower. Fans are Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) matched to customer load configurations that allow existing fixtures, cranes, trays, saddles and products to be incorporated into the furnace and support machine(s) interface.